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People intrigue with the url structure, how to create a good wordpress blog url.

Creating a good url is very simple and wordpress already has lots of good options, we just need to look for the options.

WordPress lets you create below types of URLS:


https://domain.name/?p=123 – With this pattern the blog creator has the ability to put the blogs with a number. Each blog will have a unique number that will be displayed in the url bar on browser once the blog is on internet and page is displayed in the browser.

Day and Name

Url is structured in below pattern
In the above pattern date is divided in year, month and day, and then the name of the post is added to create the url.

Month and Name

Url is structured in below pattern

In the above pattern the only difference from the above pattern is the day part is not mentioned in the url, only the year and month is added. So each month the blog creator can create the blog with same name (technically correct), but not advised to do so.


In the structure a number is added as part of the URI



Another pattern is to construct the url with the post name. This pattern should be used when the blog creator has limited number of blogs or each post will have definitely different distinguished name.

URL pattern: https://domain.name/postname/

Custom Structure

Here the url is constructed with tags that provides the values during the runtime.

Example: https://domain.name/%postname%/

other tags that can be used are:

#Tag nameDescription
1%year%to add year to the uri
2%monthnum%/for month
3%day%use for day
4%hour%for hour
5%minute%for minute
6%second%for second
7%post_id%for post id
8%category%to add a category to the uri
9%author%to add an author name
10%postname%add a postname
tags in wordpress

Multiple tags can also be used to create a URL e.g.


How to add seconds in blog url

Create the url pattern as below to get the date and seconds as well:

This depends on how we wanted to construct our url.

Where to find the configuration to set the url

Great catchy names are really helpful for the user and the SEO.

Happy hosting!!!!

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