DNS management with hostingcloud9.com

Name server records are managed by the Domain Registrars where one buys the domain. If a domain is bought with hostingcloud9.com the name server records can be managed on the website of hostingcloud9.
If a domain has been bought from other providers like Hostinger, NameSilo or any other player, the Name Server record should be managed by them or on their website.

I am hosting a free web hosting plan with hostingcloud9, where should I find the name server details.

Name server is not related to the hosting plans, name server is directly related to the domain and should be managed where this has been procured from.
So if someone is hosting https://myfavoritesample.site free at hostingcloud9.com, then also the name server is managed at the domain service provider where the domain was bought.

I am hosting a free sub domain with hostingcloud9, can I set my dns?

Yes, follow the below steps to set your dns with hostingcloud9.

  • Go to hostingcloud9.com
  • Click the tab “Domain Configuration”
  • Select correct subdomain and configure the related parameters.
  • Save.

I am hosting a free plan for my website, domain with other provider, how to link?

hostingcloud9.com provides the ability to host the free website for the domain purchased from any third party service provider.
To link to the hosting to your domain, you need to set ‘A‘ record under DNS of your domain name provider.

Where to find IP of my hosting to set in A record?

Login on the website hostingcloud9.com, under control panel you can find the IP of the server where your website is hosted.

If you are unable to locate then log to the control panel , there as well you will find the ip on the bottom most ribbon of the page.

Do ask your questions in comment to get this resolved quickly.

Happy hosting!!! 🙂

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